Go Racing 'behind the wheel' w/ In-Car Video of Greg Shaffer (Owner of Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, in his D-Modified Widebody 3 Series BMW!) In-Car video provided by Chase Cam Race Video Systems sold by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

VIR April 18-20, 2008 BMW Friday Sprint Part 2

2nd Part of Friday's Sprint Race

What Our Clients Say

I would like to thank Greg and his staff for exceeding my expectations for a recent purchase of a BMW. This my eighth BMW purchase from a combination of Motorwerkes and BMW dealerships.

I reviewed all the BMW inventories at dealerships in a 200 mile radius.  I then spoke with Greg about purchasing a car at auction and gave him my specifications. Greg located the BMW.  I gave him my price range and he was the successful bidder at auction.  When the car arrived, Greg inspected it with me. It was in outstanding condition. In my opinion, I was able to purchase this BMW for significantly less than at a BMW dealership.

Greg and Motorwerkes offer a unique service and with their extensive experience and their shop is a top priority.  I would recommend anyone looking for a high quality BMW to consider Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

— Don Erbaugh