Go Racing 'behind the wheel' w/ In-Car Video of Greg Shaffer (Owner of Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, in his D-Modified Widebody 3 Series BMW!) In-Car video provided by Chase Cam Race Video Systems sold by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

VIR April 18-20, 2008 BMW Friday Sprint Part 2

2nd Part of Friday's Sprint Race

What Our Clients Say

For the last 5 years I have always received quick, exceptional, quality service on my older BMW, so I did not hesitate to mention to MidAtlantic Motorwerkes that I was interested in trading up to a later year BMW. Within days, Dallas called me to tell me that they had several 5 series cars on their lot that I might be interested in looking at.

I really liked the 528i x drive, and I was given a very reasonable trade-in value for my older BMW (with 156,000 miles!). The purchase was handled with efficiency, and with minimal effort on my part. As usual with the same professional, courteous, exceptional, and personal service that I have always experienced with MidAtlantic Motorwerkes!

Susan McCray - Lenhart/Obenshain

— Susan McCray