“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” 


Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes has an extensive racing background in the brands we carry. We are very passionate about motorsports! We live, breathe, own and race the brands that we sell.

All too often we come across others in our industry that don't even know what it's like to push a fine European automobile to its limits. You can rest assure that your team at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes is on the track testing and racing the very cars we sell! 

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, Dallas and everyone on this stellar staff!  Time and time again, you guys continue to exceed my expectations w/ your 'special order' process on saving me the time and hassle for trying to find the best, and cleanest, euro vehicles available right in the sweet-spot of my budget and parameters!  Would be lost in WV w/out you guys and glad we formed this relationship nearly 10 years ago as you guys ALWAYS complete everything in such a professional fashion.  Very happy once again!  Will be back when the MINI needs servicing... Marla (This is Marla's 3rd purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years!)

— Marla Harman