We are simply unmatched in the Mid Atlantic area with the type of experience you will receive when purchasing a fine automobile from us. We give to you over 25 years combined in the exotic and highline automobile business. We have complete confidence in the quality of our products and a total commitment to your satisfaction. This commitment to excellence, combined with our specialized staff, provide you with the best place on earth to buy a car, purchase parts and accessories, or have your vehicle serviced. 


We understand that there are many choices when it comes to selecting an automobile of this magnitude. What we do to separate ourselves from the pack is different from all the rest:

  • We offer our customers a warm and friendly atmosphere that is surrounded by the excitement of fine European automobiles.
  • We have expert staff on hand to answer the important technical questions of the brands we sell.
  • We only sell the automobiles we believe in.
  • We drive home at night the same great automobiles that we sell in the daytime.

You see to us it's not a job, it's a lifestyle. The reason we are able to form great relationships with our customers is quite clear: we are selling an array of brands that we truly believe in here.  


The fact is, European manufacturers are ahead of the curve on technology and safety features and we are aware of this! Whether it's our actual racecars on the showroom floor or our diverse inventory in European luxury and exotics on the lot, we strive to show our customer the finest examples of inventory available in North America.


Our store is locally owned by Greg Shaffer. Our skill set is very deep among our team, but one thing we know the best is customer service. We want everyone we do business with to share that great feeling of pleasure with all of their family and friends. You see, we don't need any fast talk or gimmick advertising in order to make our business succeed. We have the strong foundation of passion and honesty that will keep our customers coming back time and time again.

What Our Clients Say

Dallas/Greg, First I want to thank you guys for the super work you did on my car this week. All I noticed when I left was that I felt as if I had a new car all over again. The "shake" is totally gone and I could fall asleep driving the car. There is a new level of "smoothness" when the gears change. Even with the shake, Wayne and I both agreed that the BMW was the smoothest car we've ever driven or taken a ride in. Now, we have both agreed we'll never own another brand. Anyway, once I pulled into the drive, Wayne came out to do his inspection and we were both very pleasantly surprised that you all put two new front tires on! What a treat! I can't thank you enough for not only remedying the situation, but going above and beyond. I'm not sure why I expected any less than above and beyond based on your testimonials, but I wasn't expecting new tires! As you know, this is my first car of my very own. Our experience with your dealership was great. We never felt pressured and we always felt that you (Dallas) were being totally honest with us during the transaction. We were comfortable at your dealership and didn't feel that we needed to be on guard. All of the vehicles in your lot looked immaculate and it is easy to notice you all have a passion for the cars you sell. I was especially impressed at the fact that you won't purchase cars on rainy days because the rain has a tendency to cover up small blemishes on the paint. I have already recommended you to several of my co-workers, and I hope that you hear from them soon. In the meanwhile, keep up the good work! It is easy for customers to tell that you have anchored your business philosophy in great customer service and doing things right--even it that means the doing them the hard way! I'm sure I'll see you again in a few years!! Dawn and Wayne Bourne
— Dawn Bourne