Go Racing 'behind the wheel' w/ In-Car Video of Greg Shaffer (Owner of Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, in his D-Modified Widebody 3 Series BMW!) In-Car video provided by Chase Cam Race Video Systems sold by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

07/25/2008 Summit Point: BMW CCA Qualifier “Near Miss” Video

Qualifier for the BMW CCA Race at Summit Point where i hook up w/ Chuck Stickly for a draft lap and have a very near miss w/ a IP BMW driven by Alfredo Gelossi.

What Our Clients Say

My husband and I had been looking for a BMW X5 for a few weeks, when we found one at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes. Greg Shaffer contacted us almost immediately, he worked quickly and efficiently to help in a time crunch. He was personable and accommodating, it felt like working with family. We travelled 4+ hours to get the BMW X5 and it was worth it. The car was in great condition, and was accurate according to his website description. We would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.
— Katie Durham