Go Racing 'behind the wheel' w/ In-Car Video of Greg Shaffer (Owner of Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, in his D-Modified Widebody 3 Series BMW!) In-Car video provided by Chase Cam Race Video Systems sold by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

Mosport Sprint Race 2   June 7th, 2008

2nd of 3 races on June 7-8th 2008, Greg Shaffer in DM #01 finishing 1st in class in DM and 3rd Overall at Mosport International Raceway in Ontario Canada.

What Our Clients Say

6/14/06TO: Mid Atlantic MotorWerkesI purchased a 2002 Mercedes CLK 55 AMG “sight unseen”! Why? Several reasons! Let me explain!Prior to purchasing my new Mercedes, I drove thru the lot of Mid Atlantic MotorWerkes 3 or 4 times, after their closing hours, to admire the gorgeous imported sports cars on their lot. I went after closing so I wouldn’t be asked by a salesperson, may I help you. I had no idea what car I wanted to buy, I just knew it was time for a change and I wanted something in the sport’s car line. Each time I visited the car dealership, I couldn’t believe how immaculate the cars were, inside and out. On all the cars, the scratches inside and outside were minor and some of the cars, 4 years old like my new car. I visited several other car dealerships over a 30 day period and I kept coming back to Mid Atlantic. I’m very particular with my cars when it comes to scratches and dents!Finally, I stopped by on a Tuesday during business hours and talked with Greg Shaffer. I asked about a Porsche Boxster. I couldn’t believe the product knowledge this young man knew on this car. I drove the car. Awesome drive but too low to the ground for me. I then asked about the BMW Z4 on his lot. Again, he knew everything about this car also. The engine, transmission, horse power, etc. It was like he built this car. Well, I drove this car. Again, like the Boxster, it was a two seater and I felt maybe I need to stay with a 4 seat car or rather, a front and back seat.Greg then suggested a Mercedes and had me test drive a Mercedes 320 2 door coupe. This drove awesome and was getting close to what I was looking for. Greg then introduced me to his brother Vince, which I realized I had met him a year earlier. Anyway, he started talking about Mercedes. He, like Greg, knew everything about all Mercedes. Engine, transmission, horse power and much more. He suggested that when he goes to the next car auction, having an idea of what I wanted, he would call from the auction and we’d go from there. First week, no luck; Second week, no luck; Third week, hit the jack pot. Vince called me while he was sitting in as he said, “this gorgeous 2002 CLK55 AMG. He pointed out a few scratches it had, black on black, rear tires needed replacing due to over inflation, inside perfect, leather seats looked like new and a few other items that I forgot. I was so excited I couldn’t remember everything. Anyway, he quoted me a price, I said go for it so he placed the bid the next day and it’s mine. I LOVE this car!!!!Now, after reading everything above, let me tell you WHY I DID SPEND ALMOST $30,000 ON THE WORD OF ONE MAN I HAD MET ONLY ONCE BEFORE? T R U S T!!!!!! After talking with Greg and Vince, I knew they were both two men I could TRUST! The knowledge these two guys have on all their cars, the cleanliness of their cars. Almost scratch free. Vince told me when he goes to an auction and it’s raining, he pretty much packs it up and comes home. He won’t buy a car at an auction if it’s raining because he can’t see all the scratches. This makes since but for him to be that particular, you rarely see anymore in the car business. These guys don’t only want your trust, after talking to them; they have earned your trust! They treat you with utmost respect and make you feel important while in their showroom. Greg even took me to the service department and went over how they service cars and what parts they stocked. They want you as a satisfied customer and I am a satisfied customer and if I ever get tired of this Mercedes, I’ll definitely go back to MID ATLANTIC MOTORWERKES!!!!Oh, last but not least! Don’t forget about Blain. Very nice gentleman! Very knowledgeable and very helpful. Always greets you with a smile and assists in anyway he can even if he is not the person selling the car. They all work as a team and in my opinion; this is one of many reasons why they are successful! If your team is in place and they work as a team, THEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AND THEY DO WORK AS A TEAM !!!!!!!THANK YOU, VINCE, GREG, AND BLAIN!Kenneth D. Smith
— Ken Smith