Go Racing 'behind the wheel' w/ In-Car Video of Greg Shaffer (Owner of Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes, in his D-Modified Widebody 3 Series BMW!) In-Car video provided by Chase Cam Race Video Systems sold by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes.

Greg Shaffer / Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes Harrisonburg VA—Test Day VW R32 Driver’s Seat Camera 1:19.700 Lap Time

Greg Shaffer / Harrisonburg, VA w/ Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes turns a fast lap of 1:19.700 in the VW GTS3 R32 @ Summit Point Raceway during a fall test/tune session w/ Chip Herr as co-pilot.

What Our Clients Say

Josh H

Purchased this beauty from New York sight unseen and it was Exactly as Greg said it would be. My father had a similar 930 Turbo when I was a kid and so part of this purchase was for nostalgic reasons. Happy to have it in my collection and wouldn't hesitate to acquire another from this outfit. Greg even helped me get a proper load-up on my trailer so it would be safe and sound on the road trip home.

— Josh H