What Our Clients Say

Greg and crew are a standup group of car guys.  I have never bought a car from a “boutique” dealer (if that’s what you would call it), but I would absolutely do it again, no questions asked.  There was very little negotiating that needed to be done.  All of it was done over email or phone.  Greg was very fast about getting back to me whenever I had any questions and never did I have to email him to get a follow up.  He was the one to always follow up with me.  The price was very fair, especially given the condition of the car.  The few little things that needed to be done to the car before I bought it were handled in a timely fashion and with great expertise.  I bought the car sight unseen (I live about 14 hours away).  I coordinated with them when I was going to be coming out to get the car, which was about a month after I put the deposit down for the car.  The car was in condition as described and was clean through and through.  Everyone is always blown away when I tell them how many miles are on the car.  They let me take the car for a little spin with my girlfriend before I handed over the final check.  The whole finalization took all of 15 minutes to do, and we were on the road back towards Illinois.  The car performed amazingly well through all the twisties of the East.  Absolutely in love with the car.  10/10, would buy again.  Thanks again guys!

— Ryan Molloy