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What Our Clients Say

Ros and Alison Poplar

As a Naval Officer and Corporate Executive and automobile performance aficionado for almost fifty years I have  purchased and serviced Porsches, Mercedes, and Audis from coast to coast and almost everywhere in between in the continental United States. In short, I consider myself to be a “car guy” and have a passion for quality (and fast) automobiles. At Mid Atlantic Motorwerks I have purchased and traded in excess of ten vehicles from Greg and Dallas and  have found Mid Atlantic Motorwerks by far to be THE BEST dealer and service center in the country bar none ! They have a passion for not only  top shelf vehicles they sell and service but the customer as well being extremely sensitive to the customer’s needs and desires.  Jason Zook who leads their service department is the consummate professional who is always quick to diagnose a complex problem and ensure that is repaired in both a timely and economical manner. Bottom line - there is no other dealer or service center in the continental United States that I would recommend above Mid Atlantic Motorwerks – you will not be disappointed - the are in a class by themselves ! 

— Ros and Alison Poplar