MAMSearch™ is a powerful tool that Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes leverages to locate and find the automobile you are looking for. It's simple: just come in to our dealership or fill out this online form. In minutes we can tell you what inventory is available on the wholesale market. MAMSearch™ is an exclusive tool to allow our customers to be able to pinpoint a particular piece of inventory even though it may not be available in our inventory at the dealership. Contact Greg and his team for more insight on this process, as most vehicles being purchased specifically for a customer will require a non-refundable deposit to make the purchase, once full disclosure of the vehicle is made available to our client and we have the green-light to proceed. In order to help understand this procedure, be sure to ask our team about some of the hundreds of past transactions we've handled this way. 

We'll help you find your vehicle

What Our Clients Say

"When it comes to my cars- I always know what I want, and I won't settle for anything less than that! Throughout my whole search and buying process, Greg was a fantastic asset to have on my side. His knowledge of BMW's, alongside his passion for the vehicle's made me both confident in my choices, and excited for the newest purchase. One week since picking her up, i'm loving the choice I made- and could not be happier with the newest 1-Series addition! Thanks to everyone at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes and Greg for making this the easiest purchase ever!"
— Dannielle Southon